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Tsunami Monument

A one of its kind structure, the Tsunami Monument is a unique monument that is located near the southern shore

of Kanyakumari. It was built in the memory of all those thousands of people who died in the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami that shook the entire nation on 26 December in 2004. This natural disaster claimed around 2,80,000 lives not only in India but also in Sri Lanka, Somalia, Thailand, Maldives and Indonesia, and people from near and far come to visit this monument to pay their respect to the dear departed.

This sixteen-foot memorial is uniquely coloured and stands as a grim reminder of the transience of human life. The structure features two hands: one of which is holding back a gigantic blue wave, while the other hand is holding a lamp of hope, representing optimism in the face of disaster. The plaque just below this steel structure records the date and importance of this serious monument. Just near the primary structure, one can also find a few works of modern sculpture that are scattered in a small but well-maintained garden. A stroll through this area fills the visitor with absolute calmness and stillness. Even though it reminds them that nature ultimately prevails and conquers all, it also helps one to appreciate the value of human life and how precious it is.

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